What should my climber bring to camp?

We encourage parents to pack a snack and water bottle for their climber. We also recommend that all climbers come to the gym in close-toed tennis shoes. We will provide all of the necessary climbing equipment (climbing shoes, climbing harness, etc).

Can we drop our climber off early?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide early drop-off for either our AM or PM sessions.  For individuals who have signed up for our AM sessions, please note that doors to the climbing gym will open at 9:00 a.m. In general, Climb So iLL opens its doors to members and the general public at 11:00 a.m. If you need assistance to enter the facility, we can be reached at 314-621-1700‬.

Where can I complete my climber's waiver?

You can complete a waiver online by clicking here. We will need this form on file prior to your climber’s first day of camp.