So Fit

Our interval-based SO FIT classes provide a total body workout in one hour. Each workout is unique and no routines repeat.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

6:30 pm

Members: Free

Day Pass Users: $10.00

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Malynna Khamken

My class consists of a full body, circuit style workout that is great for all levels. I will offer modifications to each exercise so you can challenge yourself as much as you’d like.

Get your heart pumping and push your limit with a variety of bodyweight, strength, and cardio exercises.

Haley Mason

My class focuses on different regions of the body each week, so no class repeats. Everyone is welcome; I offer modifications for each exercise depending on your ability level.

Each class may incorporate weights, focus on bodyweight intensive exercises, or utilize movement-based exercises that help with climbing technique. You will develop well-rounded strength and coordination that will help you improve as a climber.