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Are you looking for a fun kids' birthday party idea? Spend it rock climbing at Climb So iLL in St. Louis! Start your party on the climbing walls before taking over our private party space. The best gift is an experience they won't forget.

Small Parties

10 - 15 Climbers

$18 per Climber

2 Hours of Open-Gym Climbing

Climbing Harnesses

Basic Climbing Instruction

Climbing Gym Orientation

Book Your Party

Shoe Rental: + $4 per Climber

Private Party Space (+ $100) Includes:

Tables + Chairs

Refrigerator + Microwave + Wet Bar

Setup + Cleanup

1 Hour and 15 Minutes of Climbing

45 Minutes of Party Space

Children at a birthday party at Climb So iLL.
Child clips into auto belay at Climb So iLL.
Summer Camps
Young climber on a wall at Climb So iLL.

Having a larger party? Start here.